The start of Birdie Booth


Birdie Booth made a guest appearance at Erik Compton's Foundation golf tournament and the Birdie Booth stars themselves got to interview PGA golfer Erik Compton.

They showed no nerves and ask a great collection of questions which were written by themselves and their fellow girls members. Erik was very intrigued and showed a lot of excitement towards the girls.

Birdie Booth stars, Emma, Ella and Isabella were able to meet and greet with some of golfs greats such as Sergio Garcia, Henrick Stenson and Chi Chi Rodriguez. They had front row on the first tee, walked the fairways and greens with the players and managed to hop a ride in Chi Chi golf cart for the VIP treatment!


Their faces were full of excitement and their hats full of autographs, they were able to have an amazing interview and a fabulous day with their site director Stephanie Peareth and Emma's dad Ricky Suarez. Make sure to check out the videos and pictures!



Girls Golf of Miami meets Jessica Korda!


On Saturday 16th January 2016, Girls Golf of Miami were able to participate in the Don't Crack Under Pressure Challenge starring LPGA superstar Jessica Korda. Not only was this a fun event for the girls to watch and admire but to also participate. Valeria an 8 year old member of LPGA Girls Golf was the girls chosen by LPGA site director Stephanie Peareth to challenge Jessica Korda in two challenges. The Girls Golf members showed amazing support for their fellow member with signs and amazing enthusiasm.


The first challenge was how many flop shots can be flown over an 8 ft wall in 20 seconds using foam balls, Valeria managed to successfully and professionally get 4 shots in 20 seconds over the wall. Valeria stole the heart of the audience and had the largest and loudest support :) Out of 5 contestants Valeria was by far the youngest and she held her own and represented the Girls Golf of Miami with amazing grace and talent.

The second and final challenge was a 3 ft, 6 ft and 10 ft putt timed challenge. The contestants had to successfully make two putts at each of the three stations in the quickest time. Valeria showed off her putting skills when she holes 2/2 in the 6ft challenge!

Jessica was kind enough to give Valeria her own 6 iron which she had used to created a paint covered golf ball canvas. These are memories she will have forever!

Not only was this day exciting due to the activities and the golf challenge but the Girls Golf of Miami were celebrities for a day, with many photographers and people wanting their pictures! They all loved the spot light and gave some striking poses with Jessica.


This was a day filled with enjoyment and an experience the girls will have forever!


     Photography credit : GUSTAVO FREUNDT PHOTOGRAPHY

More photos in gallery :)


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